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Herbie's 50 Year Anniversary In Florida
March 15-17, 2019

New Feedback Needed...

I really hate to keep bugging everyone with questions, surveys, etc., but it's getting really close to when some really difficult decisions will have to be made (click here for more regarding this subject) and I'm asking everyone who is even considering coming to Florida in March to take the time to fill out this updated feedback form.  Thank you in advance for your participation...

Special Notice: We need your feedback! 

Please complete the form below as soon as possible and submit it to us so that we can move

forward with the planning of this great event...



Regarding The Planning...


Many of you have been following the updates on our Facebook page pretty close, but there are others of you there whom I have not heard from since we began putting this together back in March.  I currently show 57 individuals/families, 41 Herbie's, and 119 individuals who have indicated that they were coming and it is imperative that I have a pretty close count if certain planning can be wrapped up before the end of the year.  An event this large just does not happen on it's own and if we want things to go smoothly, I ask that you take a few minutes to read the following so that you understand the importance of getting your feedback on the above form even if you have completed one in the past.


Let me try and summarize where we stand to date...

  1.  The timeline of events are pretty straight forward and can be found at http://herbies50yrreunion.com/events.htm.  We need to get a good idea of how many will actually be attending and what your plans are if different from those shown.  Getting good hotel reservations (I have over 85 rooms currently being reserved in Orlando but the contracts only last so long), breakfast/lunch/dinner plans, organizing with different groups such as Don Garlits, The Dezer Orlando Car Museum/Adventure Park, Old Town, Disney and Lakeland VW Classic are paramount. 

  2. We have not raised the money requested to bring Joaquin Garay III to the event, however, he has graciously agreed to be here and has already booked his flights, hotels, etc..  He will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for some really cool opportunities such as riding along with us in our cars, a question and answer period, and much more.  We still need your help in collecting additional funds to support his trip.  You can give now by going to https://paypal.me/pools/c/831kZKuvan or as some have indicated, you could contribute once you arrive.

  3. Disney is working with us although it is taking forever to find out exactly what they plan to do for us.  They are now saying that they can give us the Herbie Wing of the All Star Resort that was just recently remodeled, but we still have to meet the minimum number of rooms that are required to keep the contract with them.  I have also asked for security, traffic control around the parks, special parking at certain locations and prime locations for photo opportunities.  I have mentioned to them that I was pretty sure that most of you would commit to taking your cars into one of the parks if they wanted to do so.  I don't think this will happen due to the liability but if it does, it would be on Saturday and we would forfeit the night at Old Town.

  4. Hotel bookings are really important.  You can check out the hotels at http://herbies50yrreunion.com/places%20to%20stay.htm, including the All Star Resort at Disney.  Disney is the only location that requires that we maintain a minimum of 10 rooms from Thursday, March 14 and checking out on Monday, March 18.  I've been pushing this really hard in that right now we are short of having the 10 we need and on Sunday night, several are planning on checking out so that leaves us really short.  Several are planning on rooming together which is fine as long as each person is registered by name with Disney.  The critical thing with these rooms is that if we do not have a good enough buffer before the end of the year (some may have to cancel out at the last minute or check out early), I will have to cancel this contract with them or pay them the shortage which we simply cannot do.  I do not know if they would allow those who have made reservations keep their rooms, if the rates would change, etc., but I really don't want to find out.  Therefore, if you have not made your reservation yet (even if you are not bringing a car), do so by calling Disney Reservations at 407-939-4686 and tell them you are with the Herbies 50 Year Anniversary group.

  5. I have submitted the required paperwork requesting that the event be considered for a new World Record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest gathering of Herbies in the World!  I have not heard back from them yet, but I'm expecting a response at any time.  Each Herbie owner would be listed as a participant.

  6. Shin Watanabe from Hot VW Magazine will be at the event to document and write a full article regarding the event.  In addition, I have been contacted by Julien-David Collombet from France who is the chief editor of Super VW Magazine and who has also expressed a desire to join us.

  7. The Dezer Orlando Car Museum/Adventure Park is not opened yet (but should be for the event), but I have had the privilege to meet with the director and we have discussed how best to combine the anniversary with their great display of cars including two of the Herbies from Herbie Fully Loaded.  This will be a real highlight of the event on Friday afternoon with a great display of the cars and the showing of The Love Bug wither on an outdoor screen or on their giant indoor screen.

  8. The Lakeland VW Classic on Sunday should be a blast.  They are planning their show around all the Herbie cars and Joaquin being there.  Eddie has planned on giving away a '73 bug this year instead of his normal sand rail, having a giant cake which Joaquin will cut for the crowd, and then having him pull the winning number for the car that will be decorated like a Herbie and autographing it for the winner.  Yes, I know, a '73 looks nothing like the originals, but someone is going to win a great car worth over $5000, and that person could be you.

  9. I have talked with the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing which is located directly on I-75 as you come down to Orlando from out of state and they are excited to have us meet at the museum and enjoy their great display of history if we want to, and then we can drive to Orlando together and possibly have dinner on the way.  I don't know if this will be even remotely possible with everyone's schedules, but it's there if we want it.

  10. Shirts and other items have been made available for the event at Viralstyle. There are multiple styles, men's, women's and children's clothing available and more.   There is a 7 day order period on each item and then it is sent to manufacturing.  You should normally receive you item with 15 days.  These items are digitally printed and so far seem to be of pretty good quality.  They are being sold at cost...

These are just some of the details but you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Please, please help me out by filling out the form above as quickly and as completely as you can.


I want to thank you once again for your enthusiasm and commitment to making this event the best ever.



a.k.a., drluv


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