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Herbie's 50 Year Anniversary In Florida
March 15-17, 2019

Your Feedback Is Needed...

We're having a party! On March 15-17, 2019, we will be celebrating the 50 year anniversary since the release of Herbie The Love Bug at Walt Disney World and surrounding areas with cars from around the country and Canada and people traveling from around the world. There will be two VW magazines covering the event and we are honored to have Joaquin Garay III (Paco from Herbie Goes Bananas) with us as well. We welcome ALL VW's to joing us in various activities over the weekend including the brand new Orlando Auto Museum (the largest in the country), Old Town USA, and The Lakeland VW Classic. Please take a minute to complete and submit this survey to give us an idea of how many cars and individuals to expect. We need to have a rough idea in order to plan properly. Click here for a quick overview of the events open for ALL VW's.  Thank you in advance for your participation...



Regarding The Planning...


A quick summary of where we stand to date...

  1. The timeline of events are pretty straight forward and can be found at http://herbies50yrreunion.com/events.htm.  We need to get a good idea of how many will actually be attending and when. 

  2. I have talked with the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing which is located directly on I-75 as you come down to Orlando from out of state and they are excited to have us meet at the museum and enjoy their great display of history if we want to, and then we can drive to Orlando together and possibly have dinner on the way.  I don't know if this will be even remotely possible with everyone's schedules, but it's there if we want it.  We plan on being there from around noon on Thursday the 14th, to around 2:30 - 3:00, at which time we will leave for Orlando.

  3. The Dezer Orlando Car Museum/Adventure Park is not opened yet but should be for the event.  This will be a real highlight of the event on Friday afternoon with a great display of the cars (both theirs and ours) and the showing of The Love Bug on an large drive-in outdoor screen.  We will also have dinner at one of several restaurants, a car show of all the VW's followed by a cruise right after the movie.  This is our show and there are absolutely no restrictions!  All cars, buses, rails, trikes, etc., will be permitted, no matter what the year or condition.  We would like to have as many VW's join us as possible.  Plan on spending the entire afternoon with us starting at 2:30pm.

  4. Saturday afternoon, starting at around 2:30, we will be on display at Old Town USA in Kissimmee.  This is Old Town's regularly scheduled Saturday Night Cruise and therefore there are restrictions.  Your vehicle must be 1983 or older and must be show quality, i.e., no rust buckets.  They usually will let true Patina vehicles and even some rat rods in on Saturday nights, but be prepared to get turned away if yours is not in good shape.  We don't make the rules here, they do, but Old Town is known worldwide for their weekly car show and is loads of fun with many great features such as restaurants, shops, fun rides, live bands, etc..  The cruise is held at 8:30 for all cars except the Herbies which will cruise around 8:00.  Non-Herbie's or Herbie's 1983 and older are welcome to stay for the 8:30 cruise where hundreds of visitors from around the world line the streets to watch the cars as they pass by.

  5. The Lakeland VW Classic on Sunday should be a blast.  They are planning their show around all the Herbie cars and Joaquin being there.  Eddie has planned on giving away a '73 bug this year instead of his normal sand rail, having a giant cake which Joaquin will cut for the crowd, and then having him pull the winning number for the car that will be decorated like a Herbie and autographing it for the winner.  Yes, I know, a '73 looks nothing like the originals, but someone is going to win a great car worth over $5000, and that person could be you.

  6. We have Joaquin Garay III coming to the event.  He will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for some really cool opportunities including photo opportunities, autographs, a question and answer period, and much more.  We are still working on raising additional funds to support his trip.  It's not required, but you can give now by going to https://paypal.me/pools/c/831kZKuvan.

  7. Shin Watanabe from Hot VW Magazine will be at the event to document and write a full article regarding the event.  In addition, I have been contacted by Julien-David Collombet from France who is the chief editor of Super VW Magazine and who has also expressed a desire to join us.

  8. Shirts and other items have been made available for the event at Viralstyle. There are multiple styles, men's, women's and children's clothing available and more.   There is a 7 day order period on each item and then it is sent to manufacturing.  You should normally receive you item with 15 days.  These items are digitally printed and so far seem to be of pretty good quality.  They are being sold at cost...

These are just some of the details but you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Please, please help me out by filling out the form above as quickly and as completely as you can.


I want to thank you once again for your enthusiasm and commitment to making this event the best ever.



a.k.a., drluv


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